Before and After

I let Faith do all of the photography for our trip to Japan because she brought her DSLR. When I saw them on Facebook, I noticed she had played with the colors on some before posting them… a lightbulb went off in my head. I took the original photos she had given me and decided to do some editing of my own.

When we were in Osaka, we walked through the shopping district and came across a river. The view was really pretty so we took a few photos. There were a lot of shadows and as novice photographers, it was hard for us to really capture the moment.


After playing around in Lightroom, I transformed the photo above into one I’m really happy with. What do you think?


A year in photos – Day 183

Sunday, August 26

If I was back home, I probably wouldn’t have thought much about seeing this, but it was pretty cool to see bins from Seguin, TX all the way in Japan. Not only am I from Texas, but my paternal grandfather is from (and currently lives in) Seguin. Our family name is on some buildings there and my grandfather can tell you the history of the entire town pretty much.

And before we move on from this picture, what’s up with that guy’s creepy Chucky shirt?

I was nervous to leave Japan on Sunday. I was worried I’d have difficulties getting back into Korea on a tourist visa so soon after cancelling my E2 teaching visa. I felt so naked because I didn’t have my ARC (alien registration card) anymore. Luckily for me, it was surprisingly easy to get into the country. It wasn’t any more difficult for me to enter than Dave and he has an ARC. I’m going to be doing a lot of coming and going so I hope each trip is just as easy.

A year in photos – Day 182

Saturday, August 25

I am 6 months into my “A year in photos” project. I’m really happy I started doing it.

On Saturday morning, Dave and I headed to Fukuoka, Japan for the weekend. When I went through immigration I had to hand over my Alien Registration Card. The immigration officer didn’t understand what I meant until I said “finished.” I expected there to be more to it, but he just kept it and I walked on through.

We didn’t have a lot of time in Japan. The main purpose was for me to change my visa from a working visa to a tourist visa and you have to leave the country to do that. Our hotel was right next to a giant mall so we walked around the mall quite a bit and did a lot of relaxing. It was a nice weekend. During our shopping I was only disappointed once. It was when Dave wouldn’t let me buy McLovin’ the muscle man.

A year in photos – Day 93


Monday, May 28

A year in photos - Day 93

I was so fascinated by these cans of Asahi. They were soooo tiny and adorable. They were only 135ml… about 4.5 ounces (for my American readers).

Monday was our last day in Tokyo. Dave and I were both off work because Korea was celebrating Buddha’s birthday. It was a good trip and we are hoping to go back again before we leave Korea next year.

A year in photos – Day 92


Sunday, May 27


One thing I liked about Japan was seeing Yu Darvish all over the place… Especially the cover of this magazine that shows him in his Rangers uniform.

A year in photos – Day 91


Saturday, May 26

A year in photos - Day 91

On Saturday, Dave and I left for Tokyo for the weekend. After we checked into the hotel, our first stop was Akihabara. This area of Tokyo is famous for its many electronics shops. We spotted these models outside of the electronics mall. I can’t imagine how awkward that job must be… standing around in uncomfortable shoes and clothes and posing for photos all day.


I am off work Friday – Wednesday for Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving). I am heading to Japan in the morning and I get back to Busan around noon on Monday. The actual Chuseok holiday falls on Monday and Tuesday. I don’t really have anything going on during that time, but on Wednesday I have ear surgery and I took off work on Thursday and Friday to recover. Sooo… I have the next 10 days off. It’s the longest amount of time I’ve had off work at once since coming to Korea just over 6 months ago. I’ll post pics from the Philippines and Japan when I get back.