How To Use a Toilet in Korea

How to use a toilet in Korea When traveling abroad, everything you know about how to perform daily activities can suddenly be turned upside down. Even something as simple as how you go to the bathroom can completely change the instant you arrive on foreign soil. To help ease the culture shock, I have put together a list of everything you need to know about how to use a toilet in South Korea. Continue reading

Korea Bucket List – 15 Must See Places in Korea

I reached out to my travel blogger friends to see who had been to South Korea and what amazing place or experience they think should be on everyone’s “Korea Bucket List.” I’m really happy with the responses and I think they made a pretty good list. This information is by Sharon from Where’s Sharon? (and Joshua, Soraya and Isaac), a blog originally about Sharon’s journeys around the world, but now about exploring the world with two little ones in tow – the good, the bad and the (hopefully not too) ugly.  You can also find them on Facebook.


Looking across the border to North Korea. The line on the ground between the two blue UN buildings is the border.

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Summer Chaos at Haeundae Beach

Curious what Korea’s best beach is like during summer?

The Korean students are out of school for the summer so this is the week that most families take vacation. Many businesses even close so that the owners and employees can enjoy some well deserved time off. Many of them head to Haeundae Beach in Busan.

The beach is completely lined with umbrellas as far as you can see… because who wants to get sun at the beach, right? And the sea is full of yellow floats.

Haeundae Beach in summer

Happy birthday, Buddha!

In Korea, today is a public holiday celebrating Buddha’s birthday so I thought I would take some time out to wish him a very happy birthday!


Photo taken at Haedong Yonggung Temple in Busan, South Korea

Pepero Day

Pepero Day is celebrated on 11/11 because Pepero (known as Pocky in Japan) is long and straight and if you hold up 4 sticks it looks like 4 1’s. Usually kids hand out Pepero to their friends and teachers, but my school banned it because it’s a commercial holiday. 55% of all Pepero sales are in November every year.

My friends and I decided to celebrate Pepero Day by having a big Pepero making party. We bought meltable chocolate, plain cookie sticks and molds. It was a great night.

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A year in photos – Day 106


Sunday, June 10


It’s watermelon season! Watermelons in Korea are small and expensive. They cost about $15 each!

A year in photos – Day 104


Friday, June 8


Most of the students at my school have started carrying these around with them. I was curious about them so I asked my after school class kids. They explained that if someone tries to take them, they can push the button and it alerts their moms or the police or something like that. I guess it’s basically like a panic button. Pretty interesting.

A year in photos – Day 103


Thursday, June 7


This is the window display at the Lotte Department Store in Centum City, Busan. This may be the ugliest outfit I’ve ever seen.

A year in photos – Day 102


Wednesday, June 6


Garlic must be in season because I’ve been seeing a lot of it lately. I’ve been told that Korea is the largest consumer of garlic (based on population). Usually when you buy it it’s pre peeled, but my local grocery store was selling it freshly picked, stalks still attached.

A year in photos – Day 88


Wednesday, May 23

Crane machines are pretty common in Korea. This one is outside of a convenience store in my neighborhood. Instead of plush dolls and toys, it has a bunch of snacks and gum. There are also random things like what appears to he some sort of a Buddha statue and a solar powered bobble head.